Three reasons why I don’t want to get out of bed today…

That’s not water we’re sampling here…….



What started out as an innocent postcard-writing-party somehow turned into a 9 hour vodka sampling adventure.

In good news, I can now attest to the yumminess of Mongolia’s locally produced vodka.

I can also say that it’s an exceptionally odd experience to be sitting in an Indian restaurant in Ulaanbaatar and to have a friends brother walk in, as if we’re suddenly in Melbourne…


This city is full of expats and cranks. Sometimes the expats ARE cranks, and inevitably we meet them. It’s not hard to here… Just find the bar with the most White guys in it (and the largest keg on their table…) and no doubt they’ll find us…



So yes. Beer plus wine plus much vodka (even subtracting the Indian food) equals Fee wanting to stay in bed. Please………………… ?!?!


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