Road trip!

We’re Central Mongolia bound! Me and Ee and our lovely young paperboy cap wearing driver, Baartaa, are going country for 5 days in The Beast!
Ulaanbaatar is a pretty small city, so we’ve hit countryside quickly, with all it’s quirks and charms. Including reststop bathrooms basically being a hole in the ground with nothing screening you from the peeping eyes of passing drivers. Lucky I’m wearing my very best in Bonds “not very sexy but all about comfort” utilitarian underwear!


It feels very Sound of Music out here. Snow capped mountains. Roaming wilderbeasts. Even Germans! (In the form of fellow tourists…)

We’re hitting one out of every four potholes in the road, which equates to a lurch of The Beast every two metres. We have enough crisps to last a five day roadtrip (which means they’ll all be gone by nightfall). We’re passing mad Lycra clad cyclists heading up the mountain, and we’re feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

So far, so fun!


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