Woah hoo, living on a ger…

So we rock up on the first night of our roadtrip, and there’s a ger sitting in the backyard of a sweet little local family in Karakorum. And it’s for us…
And Ee and I are looking at each other like “what did we do wrong? Why are we sleeping outside like the dog?! Were we bad kids on the 7 hour drive here?”

And the ger turns out to be the coolest thing ever. Woodfire in the middle of the tent, felt on the outsides to keep it ger-like, wooden beds, handcrafted beams. Very very cute. And we’re living like the locals…… The ones who didn’t modernise and move into houses. Or who didn’t move to Ulaanbaatar to live in apartments… Ahh, you know what I mean!






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