A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll

We’re homeward bound! (if you consider Ulaanbaatar our home for the next few days…)

Apparently we’re doing the last 350 km off-road. And by off-road I mean over mountains and through grasslands. I think Baatar wants to give our bottoms a final, memorable bruising, just for old times sake!



So we’re heading back to the big smoke with numb bum’s, but pretty hearts and sated eyes.

It’ll be the last time we get into The Beast and say “yowie yowie!!” (Mongolian for “go go!”) It’ll be the last time Baatar selects a playlist of Mongolian songs suitable for the day’s terrain. It’ll be the last time Ee and I squeal with giggles as our daredevil driver selects the biggest bumps to negotiate, throwing us roofwards, clutching for anything other than the floor to stay upright…




I won’t miss outdoor pee’ing. I will miss the endless rolling steppes and mountain views. I won’t miss the whiplash inducing roads. I will miss the hills being alive with mice dodging into their holes in the mornings, horses crossing our paths as they move towards water at midday, and cows moo’ing a lazy greeting to us as we drive past in the afternoons.

Actually I’ll miss so much about this trip… Yak yoghurt, laughing locals, mangling the language as we try to say hi, constant photo opportunities of pretty places, the many many different faces of Mongolia you get to see day-to-day.

Ah feck. This is getting sentimental now. And I never know how to end a post once it’s gone this way… Suffice to say it was (as Kermode and my dear friend Cara might say) totes emosh. Dead amaze.






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