Mirror, mirror on the wall…

For someone who hates camping, turns out I’m ok at it. Well, “glamping” anyway…


It’s not like I’m setting up a tent or sleeping on the ground or anything. We’re ger camping, which gives us a certain amount of luxury; beds, woodfire stove, four walls (or one curved wall really) and a door, hot water and breakfast delivered to us in the mornings. Tough life, I know.

But some camping elements are still there. No showers for one. I’m becoming quite adept at the Wet Ones shower… And a LOT of deodorant. Lucky Ee and I are old friends, or this could be awkward.

The bigger thing (for me anyway) was the realization this morning that I hadn’t seen my reflection in four days. There are no mirror’s out here and we didn’t bring one with us. We went so quickly from a day to day life where we consciously and unconsciously see our reflection at least a dozen times daily, to not even noticing for a few days when we stopped seeing ourselves. I don’t know what my hair looks like, and nor do I care…


Ee, god bless her, did say when I had my lightbulb moment this morning about being quite content without a mirror in my life, that she had wondered how I’d cope seeing as I’m quite “fastidious” in my appearance (I think that was a very diplomatic way of saying vain, non?!) Well, I’m coping just fine. I guess Ee’s not the only one surprised – I would’ve thought I’d be climbing walls by now!

What else?! Behind the tree toilet breaks is a new one for me (I TOLD you I don’t do camping… I really meant it.)
Umm. Let’s just say that I’m coping. As someone with a bowel disease, this is obviously about as less than ideal as you can get in life for me. But me and Mongolia, we’re making it work.

And finally, my favourite part of camping to date? Being allowed to dress like a six year old, AKA throwing all my favourite clothes on at once, fashion sense be damned! Nobody gives a shit what I’m wearing in the middle of the steppes of Central Mongolia, so I’ve stopped giving a shit too. This is the most fun I’ve had getting dressed since I was really six years old and got choose my own clothes out of the dress-up-box!






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