Let’s talk Turkey!

A lot’s happened since my trip to Mongolia last year. In fact a lot’s happened just in the last month.

I nearly talked myself out of going on this holiday with E (planned back in December) when I found myself unceremoniously dumped a month ago by the man I thought of as the love of my life, was offered a job in another city (dream job, so despite the heartache I had to take it) and spent the last 2 weeks before embarking on my newest adventure stubbornly and determinedly packing up my house alone and sending all my belongings to another state.

So yes, my ability to contribute to planning this trip to Turkey was entirely hampered by working 12 hour days (handover is a bitch), packing a further 6 hours a night, and then spending the remaining 6 hours staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell I was doing. Lucky for me E is such a superstar holiday planner, because otherwise we’d be screwed.

Why the blunt honesty about the current status of my life? It’s so you’ll understand what I mean when I say that this is the best thing I could have done. I’m three days in, (obviously there are a few catch ups post to come after this one), but when I think back to how overwhelmed I was, at everything that had happened recently, and how close I came to pulling the plug on this holiday… Well, thank whoever it is in charge of these things that I didn’t. Because who knew a holiday away from real life might actually be an antidote to sadness? Quelle surprise and hip hooray!

So what’s the plan?

Istanbul > Izmir > day trip to Ephesus > Antalya > Capadoccia > Istanbul. All in 14 days, including Melbourne travel time (a mere 60 hour round trip…) Just the distraction a busy girl needs!






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