Lines and lira’s…

If there’s one thing E and I did a lot of today, it’s lining up. This city is built on lining up. A sight is not worth seeing if you haven’t lined up the prerequisite 40 minutes to see it!

I jest. A little. The lining up is true. But honestly, there’s so much to see and eavesdrop on, time flies in Istanbul.

To the practicalities. It’s a bit more expensive than I think we reckoned on (but not by too much). I put it down to the area we’re staying in. Because I’m pretty sure no one else on Turkey is paying the equivalent of $6AUD for coffee. Them’s Perth prices!!

But such a minor thing is quickly washed away after a day like we had today.

The gorgeous mosaics and stunning ceilings of the Hagia Sofia. Not to mention how fascinating it is to see Christianity and Islam sitting side by side in a place of worship.

On to the Archeology Museum and hours of cool dead things, cool old things, cool pretty things and cool weird things.

And to make the day perfect, we find ourselves arriving at the top of the Galata Tower (after the longest waiting-in-line of the day) just as the call to prayers vibrates around the city and greets us into its chanting. The sound rolls around the horizon and waved in and out towards us. It’s really hard to explain why it was so moving, but the sound and the sight had everyone around us transfixed.

Kudos Istanbul. You brought the goods.











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