Ephesus and Ewwww…..

So remember that long train trip we did to get to Izmir? We picked this little part of Turkey for the sole reason of going to Ephesus – ruins so old our guide told us they’d recently found an artifact from 6000BC. That’s old. Ancient even.

This is one of those occasions when we decided to be prepared in advance – we even booked a private half day tour, E and I being the supergeeks we are, and wanting to make the most of the adventure.

The night before was a bit of a blur – it took ages for the train to get in and there was some pretty funny and athletic miming going on with the ticket inspector while we were trying to work out how many stops there were left. And when we arrived in Izmir a lovely young boy who’d been further up the train listening to us talk about getting to our hotel popped up and led us by the hand to his father – a taxi (or, conveniently enough, Taksi in Turkish) driver. They whisked us through the overwhelmingly dense and beeping traffic (an oddity we later worked out – Izmir is one of those places that’s so insanely congested it’s faster to walk the length of the town than drive it…) and refused payment. We then had an argument – by this stage it’s pretty late at night and we’re barely upright – with our Rhett Butler lookalike concierge about rooms (they put us in a double, we obviously needed a twin, they wanted more money… One of those arguments). So by the time we fell (possibly literally) into bed I hadn’t noticed that E was looking a bit green. I might have been a shade off teal myself, but was too tired to notice or care.

And there we were, up early, bright eyed and busy tailed…. But without the bright eyes. And definitely no tail to speak of, bushy or otherwise. We’d picked up a tummy bug. Evil.

It’s an 1.5 hour drive to the ruins, and no need to go into details, but suffice to say we were pretty lacklustre about the whole thing! We eventually had to ask our guide (a very chatty chap who’d spent winters in Minsk and loved to say “and here is something for you”) to skip the included lunch and get us back to the hotel. As. Fast. As. Possible. And then we spent the rest of the day sleeping off whatever evilness we’d caught off.

Despite being “under the weather” I still got to see one of the world’s largest library ruins…





And the entire of Ephesus is just magnificent…










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