Antalya ups the ante….

If they gave out awards for the prettiest place in the world, I suspect Antalya would, at the very least, make the short list. Actually I have a feeling someone out there really does give out awards for the prettiest place in the world (why?!), and I have no idea if Antalya’s on the list, but just go with me on this one folks.

It’s a paradise of turquoise seas, clifftop houses, and perfectly quaint winding lane ways. Filled with shops. And tourists. And NescafĂ©. Don’t get me wrong – Antalya is so god damn pretty it hurts. But it’s also so god damn pretty, it hurts.

We found ourselves in a gorgeous Greek villa like art hotel, in a room overlooking a romantically windy lane way. We’d throw ourselves as far out the windows as possible and see all that can be seen in such idealic surrounds. this did, on one occasion, include a garbage truck playing Vivaldi out the truck speakers as it did the rounds collecting rubbish. Quite the sight…




Pictures don’t do this city any justice. It’s utterly delightful. But there’s also something a little contrived about all the delightfulness. Or maybe E and I are a little more cynical in our middle-age. Certainly the many many many 50 year old, grey haired German, American and Russian tourists didn’t seems to be complaining. And it was the easiest city in Turkey so far to find a glass of wine (in fact our wine drinking was such a novelty the local barkeep we visited opened something special just for us – both nights).

The views, breathtaking. And it was definitely interesting from a historical perspective – the Ottoman architecture was exceptionally well preserved and pretty. Maybe it was just something to do with there being more tourists than locals that felt, odd? Maybe we’re being too picky! Sheesh – some people are just spoilt for choice…











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