Things that rock in Turkey #3

Cats. The god damn fur balls are everywhere. Particularly if food is in the near vicinity.

They belong to no one and everyone. They just exist in abundance – happy, full and meowing.

We’ve heard both sides of the arguments from the locals – spanning “if I had a gun” to “they’re part of the family”.

Why is this number 3 in the rocking Turkey countdown? Cause E is a cat LOVER and for her I started a Cats of Turkey photo album. And somewhere along the way I got obsessed with the little mischief makers as well.

So here it is! In its very niche-y entirety… Cats of Turkey, dedicated to E.











One thought on “Things that rock in Turkey #3

  1. “They belong to no one and everyone”. So true. We are currently feeding 8 strays – I call them the Karaduvar Kedi’s – they drive me nuts, the fighting, the desperation for food, the smell – but god help me if they disappeared Daughter would have a pink fit!

    Great photos.

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