Be still my heart, Cappadocia you so fine!

Everyone said it would be magical. Cappadocia – the prettiest (natural) place on earth. But you’re talking to someone who’s looking down the barrel of having done 7 cities in 9 days, and feeling a littlefatigued by “pretty”.

By the time our bus rolled into Goreme I just wanted some hard liquor, a pillow to put under my head (or over it, if it meant I got some peace for a few hours) and clean clothes. Which I no longer have any of. So we were already starting out with one strike.

But the magnificence of the Cappadocian (perhaps not a real word?) fairy chimneys can melt even the stoniest of hearts, and I’m not a statue just yet!

After a few missteps (unfortunately a few missteps count for a lot when a 300m, 25% incline is involved) we found our hotel – and it’s a cave! And it’s amazing! And it requires many exclamation marks for how happy it made us!!!


And even though we were the weariest people in the known hemisphere (poetic licence allowed due to tiredness) the stunning scenery perked us right up. Also, the glass of wine helped.

If you’ve seen the fake-first / worst Star Wars, you’ve seen a taste of Cappadocia. There’s contradicting stories about whether the Tatooine bits were filmed here or Tunisia. Since none of us can cope with rewatching brat-Anakin (nor would I inflict that on you) you’ll just have to take my word for it that it looks pretty similar.


The 10th century Christians were some crazy people and got all “Imma gonna carve up some rocks and make a rock city” on the town’s ass. And make it they did. And now Goreme – the area we’re staying in – is just floor to wall stunning alien-like architecture. Pictures do the beauty of the chimneys and surrounding hills no justice. But that didn’t stop me from taking a ridiculous number of photos…. 20140428-084717.jpg20140428-084732.jpg20140428-084746.jpg20140428-084804.jpg20140428-084821.jpg20140428-084840.jpg20140428-084854.jpg










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