Penang from the back of a taxi!

Day three in Penang and unusually for us, we decide it’s worthwhile getting a taxi. Whilst the island is small, public transport leaves a lot to be desired, and some of the sights are a little too far to easily get to. Also, it’s so ridiculously cheap it seemed silly not to!

First up, the Penang Hill. 700 meters above sea level, climbed via a ridiculously persistent funicular. Like a mountain goat it steadily climbs the hill almost perpendicular to the ground. Filled with tourists who, like me, have obviously been enjoying the many amazing taste sensations in Malaysia, I can’t deny being a little concerned about whether we’d make it. But reach the apex, we did! Amongst our many rewards when we got there – monkeys in the trees and a lovely, if slightly hazy, view of Penang Island.










Then on to one of the largest temples I’ve ever seen, the Kek Lok Si Temple. We went up another mountain, this time in an inclined lift, and used our own two legs to get to the top of a 5 story pagoda.











And finally, just because we were in the hood – a butterfly farm. Ooh – pretty!!!




One thought on “Penang from the back of a taxi!

  1. We lived in Kuala Lumpur for 2 years in the early 90’s and never got to Penang – too busy working I think. Seeing your blog makes me want to go there though!

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