Another day in Penang, another mode of transport!

With humidity at almost 100% the desire to walk anywhere was, umm, nil. It’s a lazy girl in Penang day for Day Four!

First up, a ferry ride to Butterworth. Admittedly there wasn’t much to see on the other side (although we did have the best iced white coffee to date at s truck stop near the station) but the ride itself was lovely. The ferry is also a car and scooter transporter, so you’re really sharing a boat with everything and everyone Penang has to offer. This is also the closest we’ve got to the longest bridge in the world. 27kms of engineering… That’s half a bloody Marathon if you’re so inclined. Which I’m definitely not in this heat!









Then it was time to lie back and be a lady of leisure as some poor trishaw driver cycles my big westerner butt around the island. Did I mention it was hot?! I didn’t envy that poor guy. But he did it with much humour.

One of the fascinating things about Penang has been how sweet everyone is. Traveling through China a number of times has made me wary of anyone who offers above and beyond. I always expect the hidden cost at the end of a transaction. Or the quote to double once the tide has been taken, because the quote was per person, but they didn’t mention that at the beginning. But on this trip my trust in humanity has been restored. Penangites are so proud of their city they clamor to share and show with you, at no extra cost. And our trishaw guide was no different. We ended up back at done sights we’d already seen, but his additional comments made them so much more interesting. This remains one of the friendliest places I’ve ever travelled to.








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