Penang and a bit of real life…

Holidays -for me – are about escaping reality and going on adventures. Usually. But sometimes you can’t avoid real life, and that’s part of my reality as a traveller with ulcerative colitis.

Sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes very much not. Sometimes a holiday is an amazing experience, but wears my body down so much it’ll take weeks post holiday to recover.

I’m pretty practical and pragmatic about having colitis. I prepare, I self manage diet and drugs when needs be, I have no interest in pity or allowing myself to be a victim of my particular brand of defect. And I’m certainly not going to let it stop me from seeing as much of the world as possible.

BUT. Some days all I can cope with is a pool, a mocktail, and a book. Et Voila!


While this holiday has been a little harder than most, health-wise, I’ve been extremely lucky that I’ve had a gorgeous hotel to go back to every afternoon, filled with the smiliest and most welcoming staff.

I don’t usually write about non travel related stuff in this blog, but I guess not talking about traveling with colitis was beginning to look like an omission, since so much thought and planning goes into trying to mitigate it. And so much adapting happens day to day to allow for how I’m feeling. It’s simply a fact of (my) traveling life.

So some days are quieter than others. That’s ok – it’s all part of the journey.








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